Danecourt School

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Danecourt - Bligh

The Danecourt provision at Bligh is based within the main school at Bligh Primary school in Strood. We have our own entrance, playground and reception area. 

 There are 2 classrooms, Leopard class and Octopus class and a third room which is used for lunches and as an extra learning space when needed. There is a small sensory room and we are able to use Bligh school’s hall for PE and larger activities. We also have access to an amazing Forest School area which we attend weekly. 

We pride ourselves in being able to provide the children with the same offer as the children at the Danecourt Gillingham site. The children are able to visit the Gillingham site when needed and have many visitors including other staff and therapists from the Gillingham site.


What our children say about Danecourt at Bligh


“It is fantastic here we have nice teachers and do lots of good learning”


“We do lots of activities and it is good to use the bikes and scooters on our playground”


“We have the best time at Forest School- you must come and see it”

“I like being in a smaller part of the school- it is calm and I can think well and do all my work”


“I can keep in touch with everyone at Danecourt Gillingham by zoom- we can join meetings and still be a big part of the school council”