Danecourt School

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A message from the Chair


Dear Parents, Carers, Staff, Pupils and Friends of Danecourt School,

As Chair of the Local Academy Council, I would firstly like to wish you all a Happy New Year!


We follow on from a very successful 2019 when the school was rated as “Good” by Ofsted with EYFS, personal development, behaviour and welfare being judged as “Outstanding”.


The Council is pleased to see the Headteacher and her dedicated team continue to develop their curriculum centred around the priorities of Communication, Collaboration and Community. Where every child receives a tailored “Track” (Engage, Explore, Enquire) to meet their unique needs, echoing the School’s values and ethos.


The Council looks forward to hearing and seeing more of the children’s experiences as they work through the Trust Promise booklets. I am sure you will agree these experiences will enable to children to make some very exciting memories during their time at Danecourt School.


The role of the Local Academy Council is a strategic one, we ensure that the schools’ leadership team is held to account for educational outcomes and safeguarding for all children at Danecourt School. We have four formal meetings per academic year and also meet with the Board of Trustees at their Educational Standards and Performance Council meetings. Council members regularly visit the school to look at the children’s learning, talk to parents and staff. We are a committed team that includes parents, staff and the wider community. We have a range of professional backgrounds including safeguarding and education. All Councillors are volunteers.


We look forward to working together with the Headteacher, staff, pupils and their parents to ensure the best outcomes for all children at Danecourt School.


Yours faithfully,


Penny Giles-McLoughlin

Chair of Danecourt’s Local Academy Council