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Danecourt School – Use of Social Media


In the interests of safeguarding our children and the effective running of Danecourt School the Trustees disassociate the school from any views and opinions expressed on non-sanctioned social media sites.  This includes, but is not limited to, social media sites purporting to be authorised by the school, bearing the Danecourt School name in the site title or making references towards the school both in its title and content.

Danecourt School has its’ own website www.danecourtschool.com and has various managed means of safely passing and gaining information about the school. E.g.

Danecourt Website

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Parent mail


Social gatherings


Feedback forms

Training events

The Trustees urge anyone connected with the school not to use unauthorised social media sites and remind you that you should not allow images of children, taken at the school, to be available for public consumption. 

For further information contact the school or ask at reception.

Phone number: 01634 232589

Email: info@danecourt-maritime.org