Occupational Therapy


​​The Physiotherapy service is based at Snapdragons Centre in Strood. We work in a multi-disciplinary team along side other therapists and professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Podiatrists, Dieticians, Nurses and Paediatricians. We work closely as a team to ensure every child's needs are met using a holistic approach. 

We deliver therapy both in and out of school depending on the needs of the child and provide programmes of therapy for children to work on within school and home. Programmes are handed over to staff/families when required so they can be integrated into their daily routine to ensure the most benefit to the child.

The Physiotherapist will visit Danecourt as frequently as required, but usually around 2-3 times per term (depending on the needs of the children within the school at that time). There is always a named therapist covering the school, however due to staff changes this could change. If parents or school wish to contact our team they can call on 0300 123 3444 using option 2 or email us at MEDCH.childrenscommunity@nhs.net.