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PBIS (Positive Behavioural Interventions & Support)

Common Vision


PBIS is a proactive approach to encouraging desired behaviours and expectations in school. One of the foundations for PBIS is establishing clear and consistent school-wide expectations. The teachers and staff decided on the acronym STAR to represent the behavioural expectations at Danecourt.

Self Reliant

Team Player




PBIS is not a program or a curriculum. It is a collaborative process for teaching and supporting positive student behaviour and for maintaining a productive learning environment. The STARS expectations are explained and explicitly taught to all students across the various locations in the school (classroom, hallway, bus, playground, etc.) Our mission is to maximize opportunities for students to achieve the STAR expectations that enable participation, contributions, and success in school and in the community.

When teachers and staff see students displaying the STARS expectations, these behaviours are acknowledged with a STARS token. These tokens provide chances for a class to work together to win regular acknowledgments (extra play, picnic lunch, etc.). This acknowledgement of positive behaviours is another hallmark of PBIS.

It is vital that Danecourt School is an environment where team-building and problem solving skills are expected, taught, and reinforced in children and staff.