Danecourt School

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Our Trust Promise

As part of our Trust Vision, we aim to promote characteristics and learning which will equip our children with valuable skills for the future. 

The purpose of ‘Our Promise’ is to underpin the children’s learning experiences during their time with us.  Our commitment to each and every child is to provide them with a rich education that goes beyond the classroom, promoting: creativity, community, respect, empathy, motivation and resilience. 

 ‘Our Promise’ is a chance for every child to complete a range of experiences and activities throughout their time in our schools.  These experiences will be recorded in a special ‘Promise Book’ that will follow them through the year groups and provide them with memories from different stages in their education. 

Our Promise’ comprises three circles: Me, Us and Everyone. The children will undertake three promises each academic year involving:

  • Me – new experiences and activities
  • Us – working as a class team
  • Everyone - making a difference within the wider world

The ‘Grown-Up’s Guide’ provides an overview of the promises that our children will be undertaking during their time with us.  These inclusive activities and experiences will be completed, recognised and celebrated by each Head of School.