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At Danecourt School we believe that Reading is a journey, and that all children in our

school are on this journey at different points depending on their individual needs and

abilities. As a school we believe it is essential that we teach Reading at a level that is

appropriate to the learning styles and needs of each child, and matches the point where

each child is on their Reading journey.

Acquiring reading skills is an essential part of the children’s learning as it provides

children with a greater understanding of the world, through the development of

language, word reading, comprehension and communication. This is taught through the


  • discrete lessons following the Little Wandle’s Letters and Sounds Revised


  • opportunities are provided throughout the day for children to practise, embed

and revise their learning through practical and sensory activities;

  • a range of teacher and child led practical activities focusing on the prerequisite

to phonological awareness and the development of pre-reading skills, for

example attention, listening, turn taking, situational understanding, verbal

understanding etc.;

  • and for some identified pupils the teaching of reading is taught through discrete

sessions which focuses on pupils matching, selecting and naming leading to that

pupil developing a bank of relevant words they can sight read. This works alongside 

activities to support the acquisition of Pre-reading skills and phonological awareness

and pupils will access Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised phonics programme 

when appropriate.