Danecourt School

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Danecourt School Curriculum 

The curriculum forms the basis for the learning and experiences that all pupils enjoy during their time at Danecourt. We appreciate the need for the curriculum to go beyond the required elements of the National Curriculum and involve imagination, creativity, inspiration, challenge and be fun, whilst offering pupils dynamic opportunities that are set around a first-hand experimental approach. The curriculum at Danecourt is responsive to learners building on prior knowledge and their individual strengths and interests.


In addition, EHCP outcomes are at the heart of each pupils learning to ensure that they are working on the areas that are of highest priority for them.

Every child is recognised as a unique individual and therefore the curriculum design is flexible, appropriately differentiated and personalised to meet the wide range of need and differing abilities of the pupils. The curriculum provides challenge whilst ensuring pupils maximise their progress and personal achievements.


The priorities for our curriculum are:

  • Communication – enabling pupils to communicate their wants and feelings to be able to share thoughts, questions, ideas and solutions.
  • Collaboration –teaching the importance of working together — through collaboration we begin to understand the importance of cooperation, taking turns and friendship.
  • Community – teaching pupils about their locality and opportunities to transfer their learning into the wider community. 

The aims for our Curriculum are:

  • Creative - the curriculum aims to inspire children to be imaginative and inquisitive.
  • Exploration - we aim to encourage children to become active learners – to be curious and confident when experiencing new things.
  • Compassion - is about kindness and concern, about friendship and communicating effectively and understanding the needs of others.
  • Resilience - is about being determined. We aim to create an environment where children feel safe to take risks in their learning and accept failure. We take positives from what we do and learn from mistakes.
  • Independence - is about nurturing confident individuals who are able to make independent choices.


The curriculum is made up of tracks - each track is tailored to meet the needs of the pupils within it. The 3 tracks are:

  • Engage
  • Explore
  • Enquire

The tracks are designed to complement and work alongside each other to allow flexibility and a collaborative approach. At every stage of a pupils learning they are given opportunities to develop their problem solving skills to enable them to build the skills necessary for life after Danecourt.