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Danecourt School Curriculum 

Curriculum Priorities & Aims

At Danecourt our aim is to provide all children with a stimulating learning environment that allows them to learn through a personalised
curriculum to become ''STARS”.

In order to achieve this, we identify the priorities and aims as:
● Communication – enabling all children to communicate their wants and feelings to be able to share thoughts, questions, ideas and
● Collaboration – through collaboration, we can teach the children the importance of cooperation, taking turns and friendship.
● Community – teaching the children about their locality and opportunities to transfer their learning into the wider community.
● Creative – the curriculum aims to inspire children to be imaginative and inquisitive.
● Exploration – we aim to encourage children to become active learners – to be curious and confident when experiencing new things.
● Compassion - is about kindness and concern, about friendship and communicating effectively and understanding the needs of others.
● Resilience – is about being determined. We aim to create an environment where children feel safe to take risks in their learning and
accept failure. We take positives from what we do and learn from mistakes.
● Independence – is about nurturing confident individuals who are able to make independent choices
School staff maintain high expectations of what each individual child is able to achieve, striving to ensure that they all achieve their maximum
potential; celebrating differences and encouraging curiosity and creativity.

Staff work collaboratively with families and a range of other agencies in order to support each child’s individual progress of the curriculum, EHCP
objectives and overall well being. As a result, the children make strong progress academically, emotionally and socially. Achievement is hugely
valued and celebrated in a manner that is meaningful and appropriate for each child. We believe that it is essential to focus on the whole child,
ensuring that the children develop in confidence, their skills for learning and independence of life skills.
The curriculum is based upon nine drivers for learning, with the individual EHCP objectives at the centre of their personalised curriculum. The
curriculum adopts a thematic approach, where skills are prioritised to ensure all children are making progress against their own individual targets.
All children have an individual “Person Centred Learning Plan” and a target tracking sheet to ensure a wide breadth of evidence towards EHCP
targets is gathered to inform target setting during the Annual Review process. Staff use the child’s PCLP, medium term plans and prior learning
evidence to effectively cross reference and personalise planning.
The Vision and Values are embedded throughout the Curriculum, with a different Value focus each term. This is outlined within the RSE
curriculum and staff are given specific areas to develop each term within the Value. Pupils also work for “star” tokens and are able to choose a
reward for successfully earning a number of tokens. This is differentiated for each of the tracks to ensure it is meaningful for every pupil who
attends Danecourt School. The Values are further embedded through Enrichment Days which take place termly. Finally, pupils are rewarded for
displaying skills for each value during celebration assemblies weekly and a certificate is sent home with a short explanation of how the pupil has
achieved the “star reward”.


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