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Danecourt School provides pupils with an outstanding curriculum which offers memorable experiences, rich opportunities for high quality learning and is customised to the changing needs of individuals and groups. The school provides personalised programmes, which are coherent and relevant and promote outstanding progress and outcomes.


The curriculum comprises specialist core and additional strands required to meet the holistic needs of each pupil. The curriculum embraces different aspects of traditional subjects. It is presented in ways that will interest our children and delivered in a meaningful, practical and structured manner.

It is kept under review and adjusted and adapted to meet the needs, abilities and requirements of the school’s pupils.

Danecourt curriculum allows educational teams to flexibly personalise each pupil’s curriculum in line with our core aims to ensure that:

* Pupils have the ability to communicate with people and the world around them, leading to highest degree of independence possible

* Pupils develop social competencies in order to behave in a socially acceptable manner

* Plans are made for the future needs of child and family

* Pupils learn the skills they need to keep healthy and safe

* Pupils develop self-esteem and confidence in all aspects of their life

* Pupils develop thinking skills and enable them to learn for themselves in academic and non-academic dimensions


Danecourt school recognises that all children have unique abilities and ways of learning. The school totally support the need for a broad and balanced curriculum however it must be wholly appropriate to the needs of the child. Education is concerned with the  as a whole. The principles underpinning the curriculum focus on the outcomes which pupils and their families want to achieve so that all decisions are informed by their aspirations.


Should you require any additional information regarding the curriculum please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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