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Our Curriculum

At Danecourt School, staff are totally committed to the development of children. Children are offered the best start to their education, through a provision that is rich in opportunities and experiences; one that is relevant, that positively influences and promotes lifelong learning, broadening the aspirations, values and opportunities for every child as they grow to fulfil their highest potential whatever their starting point.

The curriculum forms the basis for the learning and experiences that the children enjoy during their time at Danecourt. We appreciate the need for the curriculum to go beyond the required elements of the National Curriculum, its strategies and frameworks and involve imagination, creativity, inspiration, challenge and be fun, whilst offering children dynamic opportunities that are set around a first-hand experimental approach. The curriculum must be responsive to the children, building on prior knowledge and their individual strengths and interests.

Every child is recognised as a unique individual and therefore the curriculum design must be flexible, appropriately differentiated and personalised to meet the wide range of need and differing abilities of the children attending Danecourt. The curriculum is designed to provide challenge, encouraging children to try new experiences and take risks within a controlled and safe environment whilst ensuring children maximise their progress and personal achievements.

In order to achieve this, we identify the priorities and aims of our curriculum as:

The curriculum identifies the need to provide a balanced curriculum with breadth that ensures opportunities for learning across all areas and one that provides children with not only the skills for the next stage in their education but for life beyond school. It is essential that there is planned progression within the curriculum design and that it is grounded in real experiences and practical application to enable children to learn new skills and knowledge whilst providing meaningful opportunities to transfer and apply learning in context and deepen understanding.


The curriculum is based upon nine drivers for learning, with the individual EHCP objectives at the centre of their personalised curriculum. The curriculum adopts a thematic approach, where skills are prioritised to ensure all children are making progress against their own individual targets. All children have an individual Person Centred Learning Plan (PCLP) and a target tracking sheet to ensure a wide breadth of evidence towards EHCP targets is gathered to inform target setting during the Annual Review process. Staff use a child’s PCLP, medium term plans and prior learning evidence to effectively cross reference and personalise planning.

Tier One Drivers which are covered every term:

Tier Two Drivers which are covered one per term: