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Online Safety

The internet is essential in 21st century life for education, business and social interaction. As children move up through the school their access to various types of technology increases and it stands to reason that their exploration and curiosity increases too. The positives of the digital world overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives.  The internet opens up a wealth of opportunities for children and has become a big part of how they develop, discover and see the wider world. With everything, including tech use in moderation is key as it can have an effect on your child’s brain, however children, schools and parents/carers all need to be aware of various online risks.

Online safety is woven into the curriculum at Danecourt and is delivered using a personalised approach, taking into account the varying needs of the children who attend here.

The DDSL with responsibility for Online Safety is Lou Elliott.

At Danecourt, we are a National Online Safety School. All staff and parents are able to access a vast array of online training, advice and updates focusing on online safety. When children join the school, parents are invited to sign up with National Online Safety to be able to access all of these resources. The NOS website can be accessed here:

As well as working with the children, we are also more than happy to support parents/carers with online safety. The school runs regular workshops to support parents/carers to stay informed about keeping their children safe online. We also offer a highly bespoke service, which can include how to set up parental controls on devices to resetting passwords.  Should you require any support, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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Below outlines the risk associated with using and being immersed in an online digital world, they can be broadly categorised using the 4Cs.


 At Danecourt, our approach to online safety is based on Childnet SMART rules:


The video below shares more information on the importance of online safety and has some helpful advice for parents and carers:

 Thinkuknow. An Introduction to Parents and Carers

Here are some useful links for approaching the topic of online safety with children with SEND: