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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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In addition to raising money for other charities, we are also raising enough money to buy an Immersive Classroom.  

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An immersive classroom allows you to bring the real world into your school through an immersive environment. Immersive spaces allow teachers to take children beyond the classroom, giving them experiences that they would not ordinarily encounter, such as outer space or the deepest darkest woods. An immersive environment provides the most beneficial multi-sensory experience.  It allows for a calming and engaging place to develop key skills and encourage interaction for all users, with the opportunity to project images and videos to three different walls of the room and truly bring the sensory experience to life to make you feel as if you are really there. The engaging nature of immersive environments allows its users to reach new limits in learning and interaction while encouraging a calming responsive state of mind, allowing you to control the elements, such as temperature, smells and lighting, to create experiences which best suit your students’ learning needs. 

Immersive classrooms are the next generation of sensory learning for pupils with special educational needs.  This is about making a difference to the lives of these young people, allowing them to succeed, achieve, and showing them that anything is possible. An immersive environment for these children would expand their horizons beyond the reality of their life in the school, home and community. The flexibility of immersive environments mean that scenarios can be controlled in a variety of ways for students of all abilities to enjoy.  Whether the environment needs to be soothing or stimulating, the space can be adapted to suit the individual needs of SEN (special education learning) pupils. Interactive learning spaces are fully inclusive and accessible for all learning abilities.

However, an immersive classroom experience will be more than that to the children attending Danecourt. As well as providing opportunities for these children to visit places or experience situations beyond their immediate reality or capabilities due to their needs, an immersive classroom will also provide experiences for the children to develop lifelong skills. This may include preparing and understanding new experiences at a more functional level such as preparing for a shopping experience or visiting a new place. By being able to simulate these experiences for our pupils, they will be able to manage their own sensory needs, regulate their emotions and prepare for new experiences and situations that they may face, leading them to develop life skills and independence in their community moving forward into adulthood.

Unfortunately these amazing spaces do come at a cost, approximately £150,000. In order to achieve this significant amount we are undertaking a range of fundraising events. If this is something that you would like to get involved with or would like to donate to please visit - 

Below you will find a variety of fundraising events that we have held so far:


Imagine the Impossible