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Danecourt at Featherby is the provision for our Foundation Stage children (Year R). The provision is located just a few minutes away from the Gillingham site on the Featherby Primary School site and led by Megan Tutty, who is the Early Years Lead at Danecourt School. 

Danecourt at Featherby is currently run as two classes - Hedgehog and Owl Class, with capacity for up to 24 children.  Both classes have their own classroom and shared learning spaces that include a sensory room, soft play, multisensory space, small group learning space, toilets, changing facilities and a large outside area. Being a smaller setting the transition from nursery/ preschool has been very successful for our children. Lots of the children's learning is supported through play and exploration too which is familiar to them.

The children attending Danecourt@Featherby are supported in adult directed activities in addition to through their play.  This support is delivered both in small groups and 1:1 this is through activities such as 'Attention Everyone', Sensology, Squiggle whilst you wiggle and yoga to name just a few.  Each child is assigned a key person who will invest time in getting to know each key child, the way they learn and their targets so they can find opportunities to support learning at all times. Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy targets are also supported with guidance from the NHS and our inhouse therapy team. The children who attend Danecourt at Featherby are offered rich early years play opportunities with the support of a personalised SEND approach.  

The children who attend Danecourt at Featherby also regularly visit Danecourt at Gillingham. This enables the children access to a range of additional outdoor learning activities as well as Rebound Therapy. It also provides the children with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the environment that  they will continue their school journey when they transition from reception to year 1.  This has proven extremely beneficial for a smooth transition for the children moving from Featherby to Gillingham.  The children who attend Danecourt at Featherby DO NOT need to apply to Danecourt at Gillingham as we are one school just at different locations. 

Danecourt at Featherby