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Welcome to Danecourt School

Danecourt School is a primary school for children with special educational needs. All the children attending Danecourt have an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP). The school is split across three sites, located at Gillingham, Featherby and Bligh.

The Gillingham site is the schools main site and provides education for approximately 190 of the children attending the school. The Featherby site has 24 places, for our youngest children who are in Reception. At the Bligh site, which is based at Bligh Primary School, there are 36 places for children in key stage 2.

The children attending Danecourt have a wide breadth of special educational needs including, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), speech, language and communication needs and severe learning difficulties. At Danecourt every child is recognised as unique and therefore the school offers a highly bespoke and personalised curriculum that addresses the children's needs and barriers to learning. It is our aim to create meaningful learning experiences that enables the children to participate outside of the school context, within their wider communities and transition to life after their time at Danecourt.

All children are offered the best start to their education, through a provision that is rich in opportunities and experiences delivered via a curriculum that is relevant and positively influences and promotes lifelong learning whatever their starting point. We believe that both the children and staff should have fun and enjoy coming into school everyday. This is achieved through a balance of classroom based learning and movement based and community learning to ensure things are kept exciting. We want all children to be in a position to make choices so that they are able to affect and embrace change in their own lives. By overcoming barriers, we are able to make the children feel safe and create a space for them to take risks so that they are able to flourish.

Danecourt was last inspected in June 2019, when the school was rated as ‘Good’. Following the inspection, Ofsted identified and commented that:

  • Pupils relish coming to school and are very proud of their work. They work well together and are keen to share, take turns and support each other
  • The curriculum is lively and exciting. Pupils make the most of opportunities to learn new skills
  • Teaching assistants and other specialist staff make an incisive contribution to the life of the school. Consequently, pupils receive skilful and well judged support
  • The behaviour of pupils is outstanding
  • The school's ethos is to ensure that every pupil is "valued, respected, safe and successful". Leaders tirelessly promote these values to staff, parents and pupils. Consequently, the school is a warm and welcoming environment where pupils blossom and flourish.

At Danecourt we are incredibly proud of the strong sense of community that we have. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment and meet our magnificent children and staff.

Take a look at our School Video here.