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1:1 Device Project

Introduction to the Project

Embracing Digital Inclusivity: We recognise the importance of digital skills in the modern world. With the digital sector forming a significant part of the UK economy, we understand the necessity of preparing our pupils for a future where digital proficiency is paramount.  Danecourt School and Maritime Academy Trust have been working in collaboration with Leo Academy Trust. Our 1:1 Device Project, initiated in October 2021, is a testament to our commitment to bridging the digital divide and fostering an environment where technology enhances learning and personal development.

Project Aims

Empowering Our Pupils: The project's core objectives are to:

  • Ensure that every Maritime child benefits from free access to their own Chromebook starting in Year 3 and this device stays with them until they leave us in Year 6 
  • Enhance learning opportunities through peer interaction
  • Provide more problem-solving tasks
  • Develop skills in connectivity, collaboration, and innovative learning methods
  • Foster creativity and critical thinking
  • Encourage self-learning and independent exploration

Community Collaboration

Building a Learning Community: A key aim is to use technology as a bridge between pupils, parents, and carers, creating a supportive community that extends learning beyond the classroom. This aligns with Maritime Academy Trust’s strategic goal of continuous learning, regardless of the school day.

Progress and Future Plans

Milestones and Expansion:

  • Current Status: As of now, the school has committed to increasing the number of chromebooks available to children throughout the school so that every child is able to access a device. Currently, the children are at different stages in their use of chromebooks.  At Danecourt@Bligh, all children have their own device which they use in school.
  • By September 2025: We aim for every child in KS2, where it is appropriate, to use a Chromebook for aspects of their learning with it travelling between home and school to support their learning at home while ensuring their online safety through effective monitoring and safeguarding software.

Continuous Professional Development

Sustaining the Change: Our CPD Curriculum Strategy will ensure that the project is sustainably embedded into our educational system. Ongoing training, feedback from staff, pupils, and parents, and continuous improvement will be the keystones of this project.

A Step Towards a Technologically Fluent Future

Danecourt School is dedicated to preparing our pupils for a world where digital literacy is not just an advantage but a necessity. Through the 1:1 Device Project, we are setting the foundation for a future-ready generation.  We also ensure the safety of our pupils through robust safeguarding protocols and cutting-edge software.