Danecourt School

Woodlands/Danecourt Hub

The Additional Needs Hub at Woodlands


Otters Class was set up by the Academy of Woodlands in 2009/2010 in partnership with Danecourt School to educate children from Years 3-6 who have moderate learning difficulties.  Many of the children who attend the Hub are fully integrated back into a mainstream school environment by the time they reach secondary age.  The children stay in the Hub for the duration of their time at Woodlands which gives them the security and continuity they need to help them progress in their learning.  Each child is allocated a parallel integration class which they join for lessons, and areas of the curriculum which promote their individual strengths, allowing them to succeed.


The Hub can accommodate up to 10 children at one time, who are supported in their learning by a Class Teacher and two Teaching Assistants.

Hub Learning Environment

Hub Learning Environment 1
Hub Learning Environment 2
Hub Learning Environment 3