Danecourt School

Teacher Training Immersion Days

Immersion Day with Canterbury Christ Church Students February 2017

Feedback comments from Immersion Students


"Such a lovely and caring school environment"


"Thank you very much.  I've thoroughly enjoyed the day and would be very interested in working in a special school"


"Staff very informative and willing to give advice and information.  This visit has helped me think about working in a special school"


"Staff were very helpful and it was an amazing opportunity to work within a class all day"


"It was useful to be able to interact with class teachers and Teaching Assistants about assessment and target setting"


"Good to be fully immersed and involved in school life"


"All staff really helpful, informative and knowledgeable.  It was useful being able to be in the classroom and get hands on experience"


"Great day! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see an alternative way of teaching"


"A great insight into education at a special school"


"This is a lovely and welcoming school.  It has an ideal learning environment"


"It was useful gaining experience and seeing the individual targets"


"It was a really enjoyable day and a real eye opener - Thanks for having us"


"Thank you very much for the experience.  I now feel more comfortable and confident in going into a special school"


"A very humbling and beneficial experience.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend time in such a diverse and accepting setting"