Danecourt School

Speech & Language Therapy

Danecourt has an enhanced speech and language therapy
provision providing input for children in the school whose
speech and language skills are delayed beyond their general
learning abilities. Please click on the link below for
further information about the speech and language therapy

How to help your child with attention and listening.


Why is it important?

  • For developing language
  • For learning
  • For joining in
  • For taking turns



  • To praise your child
  • To encourage them to look at you
  • To check they are listening before you speak
  • To show then how to look and listen
  • To be patient
  • To use natural gestures alongside talking
  • It takes time to learn attention and listening skills


How you can help


  • Choose a favourite game or exciting activity, e.g. bubbles, balloons. wind-up toys, action songs/rhymes, water play
  • To start with, play the game for a short time
  • Use the same words and visual clues (e.g. gestures/signs/picture symbols) to introduce, continue and finish the activity.
  • Encourage your child to participate by waiting at specific times during the activity for them to join in.
  • Each day make the time spent playing together a little bit longer by extending the activity for 1 more turn.



  • To turn off the TV
  • To try and find a space to play one to one with your child
  • To make sure there are no distractions in the room put other toys away and give your other children an activity to do in another room
  • To focus on their success, however small.


What to do next

choose some more games and:

  • Play each game for a longer time, adding in extra turns
  • Now try playing two short games
  • Build up the amount of time each game is played
  • Invite one other person to join your games.

Encourage your child to help with everyday activities like:

  • Sorting the washing
  • Putting away the shopping



  • The aim is to increase the time, the range of activities and the number of people who join in
  • To try to do a little every day
  • To make it part of your daily routine
  • To try to keep it fun.


Enhanced Speech Therapy Facilities

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