Danecourt School

Rainbow Court Training Centre

The Trustees of Argent Trust and the Senior Leadership Team of Danecourt School have recently carried out reviews of the training activities, capacity and resource requirements of Rainbow Court Training Centre, from which we’ve been running courses for educational and health professionals for several years. The outcome of this review has led to a decision to suspend the training activities of Rainbow Court with immediate effect, with the exception of specific and long-standing events that have been committed to.

We acknowledge that this decision will disappoint many of our past attendees. Your past support has been much appreciated, but in the face of reduced funding for schools and ever increasing operational costs it is necessary to critically assess all activities that do not directly support and benefit the pupils of Danecourt School.

We are, however, looking at other business models that we could adopt. Details of these will be published in due course, should they be considered viable and relevant to potential clients.