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Danecourt Outreach Service will be continuing as Danecourt High Needs Specialist Teaching Service, as from September 2017, when our website will be updated accordingly.

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High Needs Specialist Teaching Service flyer:


Outreach contact:

Via the school number 01634 232589


Our direct enquiry line:

01634 385687

Fiona Ewing



Comments from Professionals who use the Danecourt Outreach Service

Danecourt Outreach Service


Danecourt Outreach Service is a specialist support service delivered by Danecourt School.  Our service supports schools in meeting the needs of pupils with complex educational needs.


The Outreach Team

Fiona Ewing, Outreach Coordinator                                                                             

Marian Mullender, Outreach Teacher

Gill Blake,  Outreach Teaching Assistant



Who do we work with?

The majority of the pupils we work with are referred to  the Service directly by the Local Authority. These pupils may meet the criteria for specialist placement but remain, for a variety of reasons, in their local mainstream school.

We also work with pupils in mainstream primary schools who are going through the Statutory Assessment process or who have an EHCP/Statement of Special Educational Needs.  We are able to offer these pupils up to four support visits.


How can I make a referral?

Please contact Danecourt Outreach Service directly by phone or email to obtain a ‘Request for Outreach Support Form’. Outreach support will vary according to the needs of individual pupils and schools.   On receipt of a completed form, an initial observation and meeting will take place with the SENDCO/Class Teacher to discuss anticipated outcomes of the support and the outreach activities we can offer to achieve these.


What do we do?

Our focus is upon practical help for individual pupils and the staff who teach and support them.

The form the help will take might include:

Modelling and coaching of techniques and strategies as appropriate to individual pupils’ learning needs.

Guidance on curriculum differentiation and formulating individual targets

Design and create resources/materials tailored to need of pupil.

Advice on appropriate resources/programmes/techniques.

Loan of resources to support teaching and learning.

Information and advice about how to manage the education of pupils with specific conditions and syndromes

Opportunities to visit Danecourt School  to observe strategies in practice.

Individual/small group focused training based on individual pupil needs.


Outreach events

Danecourt School is happy to welcome staff from other schools to our ‘Open Mornings’.  Staff can visit and spend some time in one of our classes and browse resources available in the Outreach Department.  Specified dates throughout the school year are set aside for this.  Please contact the Outreach Office for further information.

The Outreach Service also organises themed ‘drop in’ events where staff are able to pick up ideas to support the learning of pupils with complex needs, e.g. ideas for independent working.  These have proved extremely popular.  All staff are welcome to attend these events.   Information regarding these mornings is sent out to all SENDCOs and to the Local Authority SEN Department.  Information will also be posted on the Outreach Web Page.


What do Medway Schools say about us?

Our ‘Open morning’:  ‘I leave with lots of fun, practical ideas to deliver learning to our pupils in a way I feel confident with, so very useful.’ 'Having the opportunity to visit classes and talk to staff and pupils and look at ways of teaching was great'.

Our ‘Independent Working Drop  In’:  ‘30 plus pupils in my school would benefit from the resources on display , a great idea, more coffee morning to share ideas and resources please.’

‘Thank you for providing the opportunity and for the well thought out resources and activities which are very practical and possible to make/purchase at low cost.’

Our Outreach Support : ’The importance of the support and advice cannot be overstated.’. ‘The support and sharing of skills has been invaluable.’  'We always welcomed the visits as they were able to help us with the next steps...a vital resource for Schools'.  'Wonderful support to both School and parents'.


Thank you to those of you who supported our recent Outreach Drop-in event in our new office space.

Independent Working Coffee Morning

Independent Working Coffee Morning 1
Independent Working Coffee Morning 2