Danecourt School

Ofsted Report 2009

Outcomes for individuals and groups of pupils 1

All learners achieve well and many make outstanding progress, including the small number of pupils from different cultural backgrounds. Pupils' attainment, however, remains consistently lower than expected in mainstream because of the nature of pupils' complex learning difficulties. The wrap-around support for pupils' complex needs, including outstanding care, guidance and support for pupils and their families and good and often outstanding teaching, enables pupils to make excellent progress. Pupils are confident and are able to make guided decisions. They feel safe and many know about people in the community that help to keep them safe and know about safety issues without being afraid. Behaviour is excellent because all pupils are regularly reminded about the schools expectations; relationships are exceptional. More pupils understand their successes through photographic records of their progress, for example the learning journeys used in early years. Pupils are happy and healthy and respond well to encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle in relation to diet, exercise and emotional development. Pupils enjoy the many lunchtime activities, such as dance club and football, which enrich their experience and raise their confidence. At playtime, pupils interact well, care for each other and develop guided and self-motivated games. Learners' contribution to the wider community is limited by their complexity of need but their involvement in the school community is very good, for example as members of the school council. Pupils often work in pairs and groups to explore the development of work place skills. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good. The singing assembly rolled all aspects of this area into one experience; pupils' actions, interactions and singing 'raised the roof'!


These are the grades for pupils' outcomes

Pupils' achievement and the extent to which they enjoy their learning
Taking into account:
Pupils' attainment¹
The quality of pupils' learning and their progress
The quality of learning for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities and their progress
The extent to which pupils feel safe 1
Pupils' behaviour 1
The extent to which pupils adopt healthy lifestyles 2
The extent to which pupils contribute to the school and wider community 2
The extent to which pupils develop workplace and other skills that will contribute to their future economic well-being
Taking into account:
Pupils' attendance¹
The extent of pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development 2

1 The grades for attainment and attendance are: 1 is high; 2 is above average; 3 is broadly average; and 4 is low

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