Danecourt School

Appointment of Danecourt School Head Teacher-Deanne Daburn

21st February 2017


Dear Parent/Carers

I’m pleased to advise you that Deanne Daburn has been officially appointed as Danecourt School’s Head Teacher with immediate effect.  As you know, Deanne has been in post as Interim Head Teacher since John Somers left the school last year.  I’m delighted that Deanne has been confirmed in this post and my fellow trustees and I wish her every success in this important senior leadership role.  I would also like to thank her for her very capable management of Danecourt School, not just from when she officially took on the interim role in September but back to when John left us.  I know you’ll all continue to fully support Deanne and I thank you for that.

I would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that I’ll be working with Deanne and the Senior Leadership Team over the next few months, in the capacity of Interim CEO.   One of our main aims is to identify external opportunities for generating new and additional income streams.  As we’re all aware, funding for the education sector continues to be cut, even in the face of increasing costs.  Argent Trust is financially sound with a focused approach to the management of costs but additional income streams will be vital to the management and delivery of high quality teaching and learning for all of our pupils.  This in turn will reinforce the first-class reputation that Danecourt has built up over many years!

On a different note, we’d like to appoint another parent trustee to Argent Trust and would be pleased to hear from you if this is something you would consider.  A strong Board of Trustees is essential for the effective running and development of any academy school and we’d welcome additional and fresh input.  Please contact the school if this is something you might be interested in.

Thank you all for your patience over the past few months.  I truly believe that we can all move forward and work together to build on past successes, and to take advantage of exciting opportunities that will support our future growth!

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,


Michael J Smith

Interim Chief Executive Officer

Argent Trust