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Welcome to Gold Class


Gold Class Staff

Mrs N Weatherley - Class Teacher

Miss E Bell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Burley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Kalsi - Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Rogers - Teaching Assistant


Gold Class are already working very hard on their Danecourt Progress Steps.

Term 2 already and Gold are learning about WWII with trips to the Guildhall and Kent Life museums booked to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of the topic. We have made poppies for Remembrance Sunday and talked about the loss in the war.

Our science this term focuses on forces and magnets, we will be talking about pushes and pulls. We will be little detectives investigating places where these can be found!

Gold Class are focusing on their reading targets and practising in class and at home the words they find tricky or are new to them. The language will help when writing our WWII poems this term.

In maths they are looking at measure and in particular length using metric and non metric units. We continue to use our shop from last term at snack time to buy our fruit.

Reading Books for this term are based on WWII, Tail-end Charlie and Otto. The children have already fallen in love with Otto the teddy bear who was hand made in Germany and ends up being a hero.

Term 2


Visit our classroom and see our beautiful WWII London Blitz pictures using a silhouette and a painted background.


See our WWII pictures made on the computer using our knowledge of uniform and vehicles.


Gold Class are using a program called Purple Mash to create a WWII war time story with animation and sound. This website can be accessed from home, the children are being taught this term how to locate this webpage and they have been given their own usernames and passwords.


We continue to remind the children of the dangers of the internet and put into practise Internet Safety, this term we will be reminding them about keeping personal information to themselves and not to reveal passwords to anyone. Please continue to encourage and support these safety precautions at home - Thank you.