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Welcome to Gold Class


Gold Class Staff

Mrs N Weatherley - Class Teacher

Mrs D Borrett - Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Hazelden - Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Lees - Teaching Assistant


Gold Class are working very hard on their Danecourt Progress Steps. I am pleased that they enjoy the topics we are covering and remembering so very much about their learning.

Gold Class are focusing on their reading targets and practising in class and at home the words they find tricky or are new to them.

In maths they are looking at various ways to measure volume and capacity. They have used sand, rice and cubes to see how much is needed to fill various containers and they are also using scales to compare the weight of objects.

Reading Book for this term is: One Giant Leap by Don Brown and Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy.

Watch the story below -



Whatever Next! (audio book version)

Sophie Thompson narrates Jill Murphy's all time classic, Whatever Next.

Term 5 - Topics covered this term are Holidays and Earth and Space.


This term we will be discovering how we can travel to our choice of holiday destinations and through learning about the first lunar landing on the moon, we will look at vehicles used to travel beyond the surface of the earth.

The children have watched the black and white film footage of the lunar landing and have heard the story of the first man on the moon. Using the story written by Jill Murphy the class are writing their own moon landing stories.

We will make a picnic to take on our journey on the local train service and look more closely at the vehicles we use to travel around.


Gold Class have been busy!!! Take a look at us Sailing. Look at our beautiful and skilled art work!

Term 5

Romero Britto

Gold Class have been studying the artist Romero Britto, they have looked at the work he created and the colours he used and then recreated their own versions of his work.


The children have also been looking at tone and shade when drawing. Bradfields students came for a visit for the morning and helped with the art activity. Please see pictures below of the results which are amazing!! 


Gold Class have been trying their hand at drawing vehicles using the computer and in particular a program from Purple Mash. This can be accessed from home, the children are being taught this term how to locate this webpage and they have been given their own usernames and passwords.


Term 4 the children were reminded again about the dangers of the internet as we talked about and put into practise Internet Safety, this term we continue to remind them about keeping personal information to themselves and not to reveal passwords to anyone. Please continue to encourage and support these safety precautions at home - Thank you.