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Welcome to Gold Class


On Tuesday 19th March Gold Class walked to Pets at Home to learn about pet care.

While we were there we looked at the fish. When we returned we set up the fish tank and left it for 24 hours.

On Thursday 21st March Mrs Weatherley collected our new class pets - Charlie, Lola, Lilly and Lloyd. They are Platy's!

We send a big Thank You to Pets at Home for letting us have them. This is now a picture of them 7 weeks on!

On Wednesday 1st May they received new house guests - meet Shelley and Sheldon two shrimps that will help keep the tank clean.

Today, Monday 3rd June 2019 the fish have returned to class after a short holiday at home with Mrs Weatherley.


Gold Class Staff

Mrs N Weatherley - Class Teacher

Mrs V Rogers - Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Homewood- Teaching Assistant




Gold Class are making good progress with their Danecourt Progress Steps and have been working hard to achieve their targets. 

Term 6 Gold Class are learning about 'Holidays' through our topic 'Happy Holidays'and 'Materials' as our science topic. The children are learning how to book a holiday, how much it will cost and the different types of holidays we can have. They will be making some lovely craft work for our displays linked to these topics.


Gold Class continue to read both in school and practising at home 'High Frequency' words which will be tested at the end of the term this time! The frequent reading at home will help when they are writing a story and creating a brochure this term.

Reading this term focuses on 'At the Beach, Postcards from Crabby Spit' written by Roland Harvey and other stories.

In maths they will be looking at maths terminology, timetables and graphs.

Wingham Dinosaur Experience

Animals at Wingham Wildlife Park, Gold Class enjoyed their day.




Gold Class have been using Purple Mash and have been given a '2Do' list for this term.


We continue to remind the children of the dangers of the internet and put into practise Internet Safety, (Internet Safety Day was on Thursday 7th February 2019) we continue to remind them about keeping personal information to themselves and not to reveal passwords to anyone. Please continue to encourage and support these safety precautions at home - Thank you.

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