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Welcome to Gold Class


Gold Class Staff

Mrs N Weatherley - Class Teacher

Miss E Bell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Burley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Kalsi - Teaching Assistant

Miss S White - Teaching Assistant


Gold Class are already working very hard on their Danecourt Progress Steps.

I am pleased that they have settled quickly and are enjoying our water topic - H2O. Gold Class are focusing on their reading targets and practicing in class and at home the words they find tricky or are new to them.

In maths they are looking at money and in particular coins that make various amounts, spending coins at our class shop and at snack time to buy fruit.

Reading Books for this term are based on our water theme, we have already read Water Dance and this week a story about the journey of a fish down river to the sea.

Term 1 - Topic covered this term is H2O.


This term we will be discussing the 'Water Cycle' and where water can be found.

The children have begun to experiment with water by freezing and heating it with various other ingredients added to see what happens. Just today they have put coloured water in the freezer to see how long the water will take to freeze and what happens when it is left over night!

We have talked about liquids and solids and turned our playdough ingredients from a liquid into a solid using the microwave, cooked an egg to see how it changes with heat and held ice to watch its transformation.

We have set up a plastic pocket with 250ml water and taped it to the window to see what will happen when the sun comes out - an introduction to evaporation and condensation.


Memories from Gold Class last term - Take a look at us Sailing. Look at our beautiful and skilled art work!

Term 1

Leaf Printing

Visit our classroom and see our beautiful autumnal leaf prints using real leaves!

Water colour

Look at our display outside our classroom of watercolours used to show where water can be found!

Water Cycle

Look at our pictorial display of the water cycle and the words we are learning to explain and use. 


Gold Class this term are learning to recognise and use the keyboard with more accuracy and confidence. We are using a program called Purple Mash and using our picture and number logins. This can be accessed from home, the children are being taught this term how to locate this webpage and they have been given their own usernames and passwords.


We continue to remind the children of the dangers of the internet and put into practise Internet Safety, this term we will be reminding them about keeping personal information to themselves and not to reveal passwords to anyone. Please continue to encourage and support these safety precautions at home - Thank you.