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Welcome to Gold Class


Gold Class Staff

Mrs N Weatherley - Class Teacher

Miss E Bell - Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Burley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Kalsi - Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Rogers - Teaching Assistant


Gold Class are making good progress with their Danecourt Progress Steps, certificates have been sent home showing targets that have been achieved. 

Term 5 already and Topics for Gold this term are Amazing Places, the Human Body, Plants - how they grow and Animal, food chain and webs. 

Our science for the first two weeks will focus on the Human body, looking at Aborigine face painting using mirrors and comparing ourselves to our peers through hand span and foot length. Geography looks at Australia, where it is located, the flag, the recent Commonwealth games (Well Done England!) and traditional food.

Gold Class continue to read both in school and practising at home the words they find tricky or are new to them. The language will help when they are writing the description of characters from familiar stories and when retelling Traditional Tales from each Amazing Place we will be visiting.

Reading Book for week 1 and 2 is Tiddalick the frog and How the Birds Got their Colour, we are using various versions of the story and the children will become very familiar with the characters. We will also be watching short clips from Finding Nemo to introduce Landmarks and the Great Barrier Reef.

In maths they will be looking at statistics created from measuring body parts and they continue with their own personal targets. Gold Class have been set the challenge to book the cheapest holiday, flights, hotel and activities to Australia!

Term 5


Gold Class will be looking at the Commonwealth Games and learning the Mascot dance. They will cooking various traditional food, such as 'Dampers' and 'ANZAC' biscuits to celebrate ANZAC day on the 25th April.



We will be learning a Traditional Tale which involves a frog so some children will be designing their own frog character others will be finding out about Landmarks and so some of Gold will be exploring those found in Australia. Finally, the rest of Gold will be learning about the convicts that were sent to Australia on huge boats through an interactive game supervised by an adult.


We continue to remind the children of the dangers of the internet and put into practise Internet Safety, we will be reminding them about keeping personal information to themselves and not to reveal passwords to anyone. Please continue to encourage and support these safety precautions at home - Thank you.

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