Danecourt School

Eco club bird boxes

The Eco-club have been engaged in an exciting bird box project. They have built the bird boxes and chosen colour schemes for them. They will then take them home and add them to their gardens and hopefully attract an array of different garden birds. We will let you know if any birds successfully nest in the boxes.
Picture 1 Keeping it natural
Picture 2 Blue bird box
Picture 3 Sunshine house
Picture 4 Dazzling design (
Picture 5 A completed bird box
Picture 6 Bird box painting
Picture 7 Choosing colours
Picture 8 Bright colours
Picture 9 Finishing touches
Picture 10 Glue, Glue, Glue
Picture 11 Perch
Picture 12 Putting it together
Picture 13 Adding the roof
Picture 14 A tricky start
Picture 15 Bird worksheet
Picture 16 Bird features
Picture 17 Becoming an expert
Picture 18 Holding it together
Picture 19 The first piece in place
Picture 20 A helping hand
Picture 21 Sanding
Picture 22 Sanding the pieces down.
Picture 23 Sanding
Picture 24 Smoothing it down.
Picture 25 What to do?